Wawi Christmas Assortment

Wawi is a family owned business currently managed by its third generation of chocolatiers. For more than sixty years the Müeller family have passed down from father to son such inherited strengths as dedication, passion, and courage while remaining visionaries amongst their peers. Finding the right succession of the family business was done as carefully as the company goes about selecting cocoa beans.  At the core, the company’s goal has always been to find the highest quality ingredients. From supporting the sustainable cultivation of cocoa through purchasing, to processing, along with a strict quality control has ensured a wide ranging selection of superior chocolates.  The newest addition arrives just in time for the Christmas holiday season. These molded hollow Santa pieces large and small and decorative ornaments can help adorn your mantle, gifts or tree. Whether used as a decoration first or immediately enjoyed as a treat, these chocolates will certainly provide several moments of pleasure.