Niederegger Marzipan Specialties

Over the last several years Niederegger has introduced a limited edition loaf of the year, these loaves are special treats that are purposely created to astonish your taste buds. They are a unique gift to be enjoyed and savored before they disappear and give way to next year’s rendition. Niederegger’s 2020 loaf of the year is the Hazelnut Toffee loaf. Pieces of hazelnuts and toffee are combined and folded into marzipan and then the shaped loaf is encased in fine bittersweet chocolate for the finishing touch. A loaf of the year often contains uncommon ingredients rarely included within any other Niederegger marzipan confection.

Occasionally, a classic of the year or loaf of the year are so loved that Niederegger has no choice but to continue the production beyond the end date. Such was the case for the Black and White Chocolate loaf. In 2019 Niederegger launched the classic mini loaf in Black and White Chocolate. It was so successful that they expanded the small bite sized classic into a larger traditional loaf which is our second addition to our 4.4 oz traditional loaves. Two new mid-size loaves that will certainly carve out their own following given the proper chance.

Lastly, a more substantial sized gift item has been added to our assortment. Our Marzipanerie with Pasteten contains an assortment of marzipan hearts, mini classic loaves in traditional and flavored marzipans, and finally 6 pralines(pasteten) infused with a touch of one of six fruit flavored liqueurs. Each individually wrapped piece within the assortment  is sure to provide a little bit of joy to its recipient.