Niederegger Holiday Cheer

Holiday gifting is no easy task, the tremendous effort to find the perfect gift for that special someone often leaves us stressed out and even exhausted and asking; why didn’t I start sooner? We have a few incomparable gift possibilities to consider. We present you with these four options as our most recent offerings.

Christmas ornament with marzipan stars: Stars are momentarily obscured from view, until the metal sphere is split in two. Individually wrapped stars help to brighten the recipients day, it’s the season of giving we say hip hip hooray? Often it seems that the stars must align, a completed shopping list, finally I see the sunshine. At least these stars can be gathered with ease, dispersed among loved ones, a gift sure to please. Gifting made simple, so thoughtful, so sweet.

Mini Marzipan Stollen: Niederegger is a world renowned purveyor of confections, acknowledged as the leader in all things related to marzipan. Late fall rolls around and wonderful seasonal treats start reappearing. Stollen is a traditional holiday German cake loved by many, but adding Niederegger marzipan into the center of the cake elevates the experience by leaps and bounds. This mini marzipan version is the perfect size for a quick snack, a stocking stuffer or even an initial trial of your latest favorite thing. Buy them before they disappear.

Santa Classics Advent Calendar: Remember when you were young and you would constantly ask your parents how many days till my birthday? Counting down the days is never sweeter than when you can do it while opening a little mini chocolate covered marzipan loaf. December 1st begins the fun, and enjoying your daily treat is not just child’s play, it should be for the young and the young at heart. This Santa inspired vertically designed calendar lets you devour its contents any old way you choose. If you cheat and eat more than one in a single sitting we will never tell.

Happy New Year Gift Box: Last, but not least is Niederegger’s Happy New Year collection of good luck shaped marzipan creations. Good luck will abound when you hand out or decorate your gifts with these special treats to celebrate the New Year. Symbols of good luck such as four leaf clovers, good luck pigs and horse shoes will be a welcomed addition enjoyed and appreciated by your loved one. Remember to have these on hand well before the new year begins.