Lotoa Organic Rices

The mantra of Lotao was to find hidden treasures – the search for forgotten varieties.  Our rice varieties come from organic agriculture.

Royal Pearl Black is the Black Rice for the Strong.  It was the forbidden rice of numerous Chinese dynasties.  Only rulers were allowed to enjoy this special rice, for it unleashed untold powers.  It has a fruity and nutty taste and is high in protein.

Glam Wedding Pink is the Pink Rice of Lovers.  The Basmati rice gets its vibrant color from beetroot and is famous for its delicate fruity scent.  Lotao’s latest creation is all about the crazy Bollywood wedding.

Curcuma Sun is the Golden Rice of the Explorer.  This Basmati Rice is enriched with the finest turmeric and gives it subtle spiciness.  After cooking, the rice has an intensely yellow color and an exciting flavor.

Oriental Sensation Smoked is the Fragrant Rice of the Wise.  It is a long-grain Basmati rice.  It is smoked by means of an intense and special process that transforms the rice into a tangy taste sensation.