Royal Thins by Halloren

Halloren is the oldest operating chocolate factory in Germany, founded in 1804 in the region of Saxony. For more than 200 years the chocolatiers which have created numerous brands and products we love have been true artists and innovators within the industry. Halloren was once a regional chocolatier and sweet cake bakery making and selling its products behind the iron curtain. Delivering its merchandise within a day’s round trip drive was then its farthest dream realized; their once limited reach now extends to more than 50 countries around the globe. Through expansion and acquisition the chocolatier Halloren has continually brought forward new ideas and concepts which translate into delicious new confections, here are just a few of their latest offerings.

Royal Thins are an immediately recognizable confection reimagined by Halloren to include variations in flavors to the after-dinner mints first introduced in the 1960’s.  Each box of Royal mints include 30 wafer thin sheets of chocolate with cream filled centers that quickly satisfy a sweet tooth. Royal Thins are a perfect shareable treat available in sea salt caramel, black courant, mint, mango and raspberry.