Bionade Organic Soft Drinks

Bionade organic soft drinks present 3 new convenient plastic bottle 6 packs to compliment their glass bottle offerings.  Dieter Leopold a master German brewer spent more than 8 years perfecting his malt based Bionade lemonade drink which is completely on trend today. Bionade is a more pleasing fermented beverage than traditional Kombucha; it is a less sugary drink with fewer calories. It checks off many of the boxes for today’s consumers searching for healthier options.  Sourcing organic ingredients locally is where the creation of these wonderfully refreshing and fruity drinks begin. However, some of nature’s treasures cannot be found in your backyard, they must be sought out. Global gems like ginger from Mexico or lemons and bergamots from Italy are some of the crops which add depth and character to the flavor within a cloudy lemon or ginger orange Bionade. Make this new trio of unique soft drinks a staple for shopping lists everywhere.