Becks Cocoa

Beck’s Cocoa is a beverage company that loves true adventure, and their global adventures bring about new experiences in taste. That’s why they have 19 types of all natural cocoa’s and growing. Michael Beck started his cocoa company twenty plus years ago in his kitchen in the Bavarian capital of Munich. He began blending the finest cocoa powder with cane or coconut blossom sugar, herbs and other natural flavorings to make irresistible chocolate drinks. Michael’s passion to recreate a familiar food while retaining it’s charm, warmth and sense of comfort will be realized within your first few sips.

Three new gift-able products are now available; Beck’s cocoa sampler, as well as Beet Me Up & Michel cocoa tins.

Beck’s Cocoa sampler box and sachets are envelopes filled with some of the finest cocoa the world has to offer. These sachets are a single serving size to blend with frothed milk for exceptional taste. Beck’s will elevate both your experience, and your newfound appreciation for a remarkable mug of cocoa.

The Michel tin contains an organic milk chocolate cocoa, while the beet me up cocoa pairs an earthy note of flavor and color from beetroot to premium cocoa for an unexpected combination.