Kuchenmeister Stollen and Sacher Torte

Since 1884, Kuchenmeister has been making traditional, fruit filled holiday stollens for the holiday season.

This delicious German Holiday cake is rich in flavor and covered with powdered sugar.  Kuchenmeister holiday stollen comes in clear cellophane wrapping, as well as in eye-catching gift boxes. Some of the many varieties include: Marzipan Stollen, Butter Almond Stollen, Christ Stollen and Black Forest Stollen.  Wow your guests with something truly “Christmassy” and unique!

5646 Kuchenmeister Marzipan Stollen Gift Box 17.5 oz5714 Kuchenmeister Christ Stollen Cello

Deliciously baked and exquisitely packaged, Kuchenmeister’s Sacher Torte, imported from Germany, is a unique dessert. Covered in luscious chocolate with an apricot accent, the torte bursts with rich taste.  This original Sacher Torte is the pride of Kuchenmeister for generations.  Surely, here is a rare holiday classic that makes every occasion a feast.