Coppenrath Spekulatius and Holiday Cookies

In Germany, for six generations, Coppenrath has baked the traditional Christmas cookie. Coppenrath’s uniquely thin Spekulatius are the spiced holiday cookies that set a standard of excellence with a classic crunchiness and a snap of flavor.  Sometimes Spekulatius are called “Windmill” cookies, one of many spekulatius shapes.  Plain, Almond,  Chocolate Covered and Butter Spekulatius, always a delicious treat.

Introducing a sweet alternative to the traditional German beer pretzel!  New from Coppenrath, Speku-Pretzel, a crunchy, pretzel shaped biscuit which has been partially covered in rich dark chocolate and has a mild cinnamon and holiday spice flavor. A unique and delicious addition to every holiday cookie tray!

The Windmill Sandwich Cookie Series make an ideal winter treat.  The crunchy outside is made up of wonderful winter spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pimento, ginger, coriander, mace and cardamom.  Your choices of filling are almond cream, hazelnut cream, or cinnamon cream. These all-natural treats are perfect for dunking in a cup of hot cocoa after school, or at the office!

They will be seasonal items so try them before the last snowfall melts away.

3 Windmill Cookies und Speku Pretzel