Rosbacher Artisan Water

Whether you are a fan of bubbly water, or still water, Rosbacher is launching both types of 1/2 liter sizes in PET bottles across the United States. Rosbacher’s claim to fame is the 2 : 1 ratio emphasized on each label. No other mineral water offers the ratio of 2 parts calcium to one part magnesium which is the most ideal ratio to replenish minerals lost during exercise or exertion. When we exercise we often sweat; we notice that our body loses water, it’s evident on our skin and clothing. But, what we can’t see in the beads of sweat are the invisible minerals and trace elements escaping through the droplets. With every liter of sweat our body loses an average of 40 mg of calcium + 20 mg of magnesium. Rosbacher mineral water provides those two minerals back, exactly in this 2:1 ratio, which puts your body back into balance. Maybe even more impressive than the physical benefits to your body comes the award winning taste profile. Loyal consumers around the world are sold on its pure, clean taste which leaves you always wanting more! Our two new Sparkling or Still plastic 1/2 liter (16.9 oz.) sizes are sure to meet or exceed your expectations.