Lotao Organic Sugar and Rices

Our Agave and Rice sugar is organically grown and harvested under controlled conditions.  It is pure and natural, lactose and gluten free.

One of the most fascinating plants in the world we owe a sweetener with the finest properties – Organic Maya Kiss Sugar.  In its leaves the agave plant holds a sweet, delicious juice, which is thickened, dried and crushed into powder.  This process results in a sweetener with a wonderful crystalline texture.

Organic Rice Kiss Sugar is a delightful experience.  It is made from gently dried rice syrup.  Rice Kiss Sugar has a very fine consistency and a very smooth and mild taste.

In the beginning, there was a quest for ancient cultures.  These cultures all had something in common and that was that they were nourished by rice.  Lotao tracks down rice varieties of noble history and trustworthy origins.  Lotao works with producers that protect rare rice varieties, sow and harvest them fairly, and assure social and ecological responsibility.  The Lotao rice is all organic and has achieved many international awards.