Hans Freitag Cookies and Wafers

Hans Freitag’s German cookies and wafers are European favorites and top sellers in America. These delicious cookies and crispy wafer assortments come in handy bags.  A wide variety features chocolate covered biscuits, cream filled wafers, jam centered cookies and those drizzled with chocolate.  The leaders of the pack are Desiree and Noblesse.  Desiree being the wafer assortment and Noblesse contains an assortment of both cookies and wafers.

Noblesse Noir consists of a biscuit and wafer mix with fine dark chocolate. The exciting mix of the best ingredients and a big portion of love.  The pure enjoyment!  Treat yourself, friends and family to these delicious assortments.  Day Dreams assorted biscuits are a unique blend of 6 varieties of cookies. Most contain little to no chocolate, so you will be able to take them just about anywhere you are traveling.  They are the perfect companion for your next hike, boat ride or trip to the beach; if there is a place you day dream about then bring Day Dreams along and share them with a friend.

Discover our three Hans Freitag Classic Wafers!  Hans Freitag Cocoa Wafers – two thin square wafers filled with a layer of cocoa cream will certainly find a loyal following given the fact that cocoa is loved by nearly everyone.  Hazelnut Wafers – two thin square wafers filled with a hazelnut cream, this light nutty flavored wafer will certainly tempt you into having more than a single serving.  Vanilla Wafers – thin square wafers filled with a vanilla cream, initially what seems to be a plain cookie, is anything but plain and simple. Relying on just a single flavor to stimulate your sense of taste demands perfection in the baking process. A clean and fresh taste of vanilla will shine through to allow pure enjoyment.