Feodora Chocolate and Specialties

Princess Feodora was the sister of the last German Empress who was very much impressed by the quality of the chocolate.  As a result Feodora’s personal signature became the Feodora brand logo.  Located in the heart of Bremen, Feodora stands for all natural chocolate with real bourbon vanilla in a variety of flavors.  Discover the difference.

Scientific research has confirmed that chocolate is good for your health. Especially chocolate with a high cocoa content is high on antioxidants.

Did you know that

  • Sugar is a fattening agent but cocoa is not
  • Cocoa is harvested from naturally grown plants and contains vitamins, minerals and caffeine
  • Cocoa butter reduces cholesterol levels and thus reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks
  • Chocolate is an energy supplier, since its fat and sugar quickly pass into the the blood stream restoring strength.