Coppenrath Specialties

Coppenrath Cookies

Coppenrath, with 185 years of baking experience, continues to create delectable and innovative cookies using the best, natural ingredients.  Coppenrath’s Grazer Rings are a Classic.  You will love the taste of Cookies on Tour, thin and crunchy vanilla and caramel cookies.  Discover 45 pictures of cities from around the globe on your biscuits while you plan your next vacation. Cookies on Tour inspire Wanderlust. Travel and explore the world!


 Coppenrath Grazer Rings 1675


Coppenrath Spekulatius

Coppenrath’s uniquely thin Spekulatius are the spiced holiday cookies that set a standard of excellence with a classic crunchiness and a snap of flavor.  Sometimes Spekulatius are called “Windmill” cookies, one of many spekulatius shapes.  Plain, Almond,  Butter or Chocolate Covered Spekulatius, always a delicious treat.

Coppenrath Spekulatius 17063