Becks Cocoa

Beck’s cocoa specialties combines the finest cacao in the world with cane sugar and coconut blossom sugar, herbs and other natural flavorings to make irresistible chocolate drinks.

Criollo – Simply 100% cacao, harvested from exclusive organic farming. Contains zero sugar along with zero additives.  The criollo cacao bean is recognized as the world’s most exceptional cacao bean.  The name of this hot cocoa is a tribute to it’s exclusive and remarkable flavor profile.

A Chockwork Orange – A subtle blend of the finest cocoa, organic raw cane sugar, then combined with the taste of sun-ripened oranges with just a hint of ginger. Year after year, this variety maintains its freshness and appeal!

Amydala – With a slight touch of bitter almond, this variety is reminiscent of marzipan or Amaretto. A true almond fan will find the sophisticated flavor as satisfying as one’s favorite comfort food.