Niederegger Truffle Bars and Gift Boxes

Niederegger introduces the finest truffle compositions for the most demanding connoisseurs in eye-catching packaging.  These creamy, flavorable combinations are tops in their category with a taste of distinction. If you are a chocolate aficionado looking for a unique chocolate experience or gift, you have stumbled upon the right place.

Niederegger Chocolate Mousse Truffle Stick includes 4 individually wrapped dark chocolate confections filled with a chocolate mousse center. The four pieces, wrapped together in a cellophane “stick” make for a perfect treat to share.

Niederegger Truffle Gift Box, a beautiful assorted truffle gift box of individually wrapped and filled dark chocolate treats. The three varieties of tempting flavors include Sahne (light hazelnut cream) , Marc de Champagne and chocolate mousse. A gift that will be remembered and appreciated.

Introducing three of the finest chocolate bars you will ever have:

Chocolate Mousse – A delicious dark chocolate bar with a “mousse au chocolat” filling. This truffle bar is sectioned off into 15 pieces, but is so delectable it’s difficult to believe you would want to share it!

Cappuccino – A crisp milk chocolate bar with a cappuccino truffle filling. If you are a coffee lover then this chocolate bar is the perfect way to combine your two favorite vices – chocolate and coffee.

Cranberry – A dark chocolate bar with a cranberry truffle filling. A delicious combination of tartness and sweet in every single bite.