Niederegger Truffle Bars and Gift Box

Niederegger introduces the finest truffle compositions for the most demanding connoisseurs in eye-catching packaging.  These creamy, flavorable combinations are tops in their category with a taste of distinction. If you are a chocolate aficionado looking for a unique chocolate experience or gift, you have stumbled upon the right place.

Introducing three of the finest chocolate bars you will ever have:

Cappuccino Truffle Bar – A decadent milk chocolate truffle bar infused with the perfect amount of cappuccino flavoring to please any coffee fan.

Raspberry Panna Cotta Truffle Bar – A delightful milk chocolate truffle bar containing a layer of raspberry cream filling with just a touch of alcohol to refine the flavor.

Chocolate Mousse Truffle Bar – A delicious dark chocolate truffle bar with a creamy chocolate mousse center which creates the perfect taste match between bittersweet chocolate and the rich creamy mousse that lies just below the surface.

Niederegger Variation Gift Box – A striking and elegantly designed gift box containing three separate versions of Niederegger’s top selling truffle pieces. All 16 pieces of truffles are individually wrapped and ready to share with loved ones. The flavors include Sahne, Marc de Champagne and mousse au chocolat. It’s hard to decide which piece is your favorite until the entire box is gone.