Mestemacher Power Bread and Portion Packs

Power Bread is the newest creation from Mestemacher.  This moist bread is vegan, as well as lactose and yeast free.   Mestemacher Power bread is made with wholegrain oat flakes and 23% select vegetable oil seeds (10% sunflower seeds, 7% flaxseeds, 3% pumpkin seeds and 3% sesame seeds).  Kick your day off with a slightly toasted slice of Mestemacher bread and honey, or our all-natural Favorit Preserves!

Due to popular demand, Mestemacher has come out with portion packs for the new Power bread, as well as our old staple, organic sunflower seed bread.  Great for lunch boxes, or brown-bag lunch to the office; just add your favorite nut-butter to create a healthy snack.  These mini Mestemacher packs will also work great in gift baskets!