The German chocolatier, Schoko-Dragee, one of the leading producers of exceptional small-coated candies, is the latest line of outstanding imports by Carl Brandt, Inc. For more than 25 years, Schoko-Dragee has perfected the fine art of confectionery, prioritizing the highest quality hand-picked raw materials selected from all over the world. Its vast array of products includes chocolate and sugar coated almonds, coffee beans, marzipan, brittle, truffle and alcohol fillings.

The collection is presented in several different packaging options: Cello Bags, Black Standup Bags, and bulk quantities.

The Cello Bags (4.4 oz.) offer a unique taste journey highlighting Butter Almond Brittle, Tiramisu Chocolate Almonds, and Vanilla Rum Almonds. They also include Cappuccino Truffle Balls, Chocolate Peppermint Balls, and Jamaica Rum Raisins; and, liquor filled delights, such Brandy-filled Eggs.

Using premium chocolate with traditional and special recipes the Schoko-Dragee varieties are exceptional winners.

The Black Standup Bag (4.4 oz.) with a small oval window shows the delicacies inside. Among them, available in 2016 are: Salted Carmel Almonds, Fire Roasted Almonds, Snowballs with Chocolate Truffle Filling, Whiskey Balls, and Kir Royal Balls.

The bulk selections (in 4.4 or 6.6 lbs) include 14 sumptuous dragees. Savor Irish Coffee Balls, Cognac Balls, White Chocolate Strawberry Balls and Strawberry Spelt Hearts, Assorted Pumpkin Seeds, Kirsch Balls, and varieties included in the Cello and Black Standup Bags.

A dozen small brown and white nougat eggs (6.2 oz.) in a plastic egg box hold a promise of springtime along with an extensive selection of Easter items.

Delicious surprises come in small sizes from Schoko-Dragee.

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