Kuchenmeister Specialties

Kuchenmeister Cakes and Stollen

Kuchenmeister means “cake master” in German, and that is indeed a wonderful description for this cake manufacturer, who produces some of Germany’s most delicious cake specialties.  From liqueur and foil cakes to holiday treats like Sacher Torte and Stollen, Kuchenmeister products are satisfying for the whole family.  The Kuchenmeister cakes also come in beautiful gift boxes, making them ideal for the holiday season.







Kuchenmeister Mini Pastry Shells

Simplify life with Kuchenmeister Mini Pastry Shells.  Beautiful gift boxes hold 24 mini tartlets each; one pastry shell style is for salty fillings and the other for sweet fillings.  The sweet variety can be filled with your favorite pudding / custard and then topped with fresh berries to make a delightful dessert.  The salty variety can be filled with sour cream and cut up veggies, or salmon to make an unforgettable hors d’ouevres.