Hans Freitag Cookies and Wafers

Hans Freitag’s German cookies and wafers are European favorites and top sellers in America. These delicious cookies and crispy wafer assortments come in handy bags and also one gift box variety – Scala.  A wide variety features chocolate covered biscuits, cream filled wafers, jam centered cookies and those drizzled with chocolate.  The leaders of the pack are Desiree, Noblesse and Noblesse Noir.  Desiree being the wafer assortment and Noblesse contains an assortment of both cookies and wafers.  Noblesse Noir consists of a biscuit and wafer mix with fine dark chocolate.  Try our newest Hans Freitag addition: Butter Cookie Selection!  Hans Freitag cookies and wafers are great for gift giving, as well as something the whole family will enjoy!

Hans Freitag Desiree NEWHans Freitag Noblesse NEW










Hans Freitag Noblesse Noir NEW

Hans Freitag Butter Cookie Selection