Hans Freitag Cookies and Wafers

Hans Freitag’s German cookies and wafers are European favorites and top sellers in America. These delicious cookies and crispy wafer assortments come in handy bags.  A wide variety features chocolate covered biscuits, cream filled wafers, jam centered cookies and those drizzled with chocolate.  The leaders of the pack are Desiree, Noblesse and Noblesse Noir.  Desiree being the wafer assortment and Noblesse contains an assortment of both cookies and wafers.  Noblesse Noir consists of a biscuit and wafer mix with fine dark chocolate.

Hans Freitag Desiree NEWHans Freitag Noblesse NEW











Try Hans Freitag Butter Cookie Selection!  You may remember the buttercup test from your childhood.  Put a buttercup flower under someone’s chin and if their chin lit up in a yellow glow then the person was said to like butter.  Everyone always passed the test, because who doesn’t like butter?  The exciting mix of butter cookies consists of the essentials of a typical cookie: best ingredients and a big portion of love.  The pure enjoyment!  Treat yourself to our Butter Cookie Selection and feed the child within!
Hans Freitag Butter Cookie SelectionHans Freitag Noblesse Noir NEW